When the current date does not fall within a the start date of the  academic year (located within Configuration > Academic Year), the field will not output any information.


In query, the following fields are date-sensitive based on the Start of the Academic Year

  1. Homeroom teacher located under Bio 1
  2. Homeroom located under Bio 1
  3. Advisor located under Bio 1 

In export, the following fields are date-sensitive based on the Start of the Academic Year

  1. Homeroom section 
  2. Homeroom Teacher Section
  3. Advisor Section


When today's date is not within a current academic year, users can either output the information from the Student Progression section instead or adjust the Start date of the academic year.

Option 1: Adjust Start Date of Academic Year

  1. Click Configuation 
  2. Click Academic years
  3. Open the preferred year
  4. Change the start date of the academic year to the preferred date
  5. Save and Close

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Option 2: Output the Information from Student Progression Instead:
The student progression section is not date sensitive. Users only need to choose the preferred year. 



  1. Create a Student query
  2. On the criteria tab, expand Student, Student Progression and double click Academic Year > Choose the preferred year
    • User can output the School field from the student progression area if only interested in a specific Academic Year AND school
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  3. On the Output tab, expand Student , Student Progression , Double click any preferred fields from that section.
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  4. Run query to review results

*Note: If you are interested in a specific advisor or homeroom teacher, output the respective field on the criteria tab along with choosing the preferred faculty member. 



  1. Create a Student Export
  2. Expand Student, Student Progression, Advisors, and double click Faculty Name.
  3. On the General tab, enter the preferred number of Student Progressions to export
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  4. On the filters tab, filter on the preferred Academic year.  Click okay
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  5. Enter the preferred number of advisors to export. Click okay.
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  6. Expand Student, Student Progression, Homeroom Teacher, and double click Faculty name or any other preferred name field 
  7. Expand Homeroom teacher, double click Faculty Name
  8. Expand Homeroom, double click Room ID
  9. Include any additional fields based on preference 
  10. Preview the export to review the results
  11. Export or save the report
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