Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
  1. Enter grades before running GPA calculations. 
    1. Click Grades in Education Edge
    2. Click Enter Grades by Student
    3. Filter on the appropriate school, year, and session
    4. Search for the preferred student
    5. Enter the preferred grades
    6. Save and close 
Note: User may also post grades from FAWeb if grades aren't already posted How to post grades, comments, or skills from Faculty Access for the Web to The Education Edge and BBSIS



  1. Verify the Grade is Marked to Use in Calculations
    1. In Grades, Click Enter grades by student
    2. Right-click a course name in the grid and select Details for student...
      or From the Enter grades by course screen or Enter grades by teacher screen, right-click a student's name and select Details for student...
    3.  Mark the appropriate checkboxes to include the grade in calculations
  2. Define the Marking Columns to Calculate for the Marking Column in question on the YTD tab of the GPA calculation:
    1. In Configuration, click Registrar setup.
    2. Highlight GPA Calculations.
    3. Select and open the appropriate GPA calculation.
    4. On the Formula tab, if the GPA calculation has not been calculated, unmark the Year-to-date GPA checkbox to exclude Year-to-date Calculations.
    5. Or if the Year-to-Date checkbox is grayed out select marking columns to calculate the YTD GPA by selecting the Year-to-Date tab.
      Select a marking column to calculate, click Add Marking Column to Calculate on the action bar.
    6. In the Marking column to calculate field, select the marking column to calculate.
    7. In the Include field, mark All or Selected. If you mark Selected, move the appropriate marking columns to the Include these marking columns box.
    8. In the Include these sessions box, mark the sessions to associate.
    9. To save your selections and return to the Year-to-Date tab, click OK.
    10. You can continue adding marking columns to calculate. For example, you can calculate Quarter 1 including Quarter 1. Then calculate Quarter 2 including Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, etc.
  1. Create a course query to determine if any of the courses with student grades are do not have the GPA type:
    1. Create a new Course query
    2. On the Criteria tab select Grading Information, Academic Year equals [academic year]
      AND Grading Information, Session equals [session]
      AND Grading Information, GPAs, GPA does not equal [GPA type]
    3. On the Output and Sort tabs select fields to show in the query, such as Course name
    4. If there is a large number of course records in the results, use the query as a filter in a course export in order to import GPA types to courses.

  1. View the translation table and mark the checkbox to use in GPA calcs.
    1. In Configuration, click Registrar Setup.
    2. Highlight Translation Tables Select and open the appropriate translation table.
    3. On the toolbar select View, GPA View
    4. Beneath the GPA type mark the checkbox to use in GPA calcs
  1. Mark the option to Include historical grades on the General tab of the GPA Calculation parameter.
    1. Open the preferred GPA parameter or create a brand new one
    2. Mark Include historical grades checkbox