1. In Registrar's Office> select Records from the navigation bar.
  2. In Records, click Courses
  3. Open the course in question.
  4. Select the Grading tab and open the appropriate academic year/session record.
  5. On the Grades tab, confirm the Calculation column lists the course average calculation in the correct marking column row.
  6. Save, if applicable, and close the course record.
  7. Select Configuration from the navigation bar.
  8. Click Registrar Setup.
  9. Select Course Average Calculations from the list on the left.
  10. Open the appropriate course average calculation record.

    course average calculation record

  11. Confirm the calculation is defined correctly.
    • Review the selection in the Calculate using field. It can be Numeric grades or GPA equivalents.
    • Review the selection in the Divide by field. It can be Sum of the factors of Specific value.
    • Review the marking columns and factors listed in the Marking Columns to Include grid.
    • Review the information, if any, in the Terminate Calculation grid.
    • Review the formula in the Sample calculation field. Does it include the correct marking columns? Are the correct mathematical operations being performed? In the correct order?
    • Review the selection in the Return result as field. It can be grade or numeric value.
    • Is the Round result checkbox marked? If so, is the selected decimal precision correct? For example, with a decimal precision of 0, 89.5 rounds up to 90. With a decimal precision of 1, 89.05 rounds up to 89.1.
    • If existing entries should be overwritten, mark the Overwrite existing entries option.
  12. Save, if applicable, and close the course average calculation record.
  13. On the Registrar Setup page, select Translation Tables from the list on the left.
  14. Open the appropriate translation table record.
  15. Confirm each grade has a check mark in the Use in Course Avg column.
  16. Save, if applicable, and close the translation table record.
  17. Select Grades from the navigation bar.
  18. Click Run calculations.
  19. In the Calculate field, select Course Averages.
  20. From the list, open the appropriate course average calculation.
  21. On the General tab, confirm the correct marking column appears in the Marking column field.
  22. In the Include these calculations frame, confirm the correct calculations have check marks in the Calculate? column.
  23. To expedite troubleshooting, mark the following checkboxes: Show calculations for each student, Create an output query of students with returned results, and Create an output query of students with exceptions.
  24. On the Filters tab, confirm the correct filters are applied.
  25. Save, if applicable.
  26. Click Preprocessing Report.