The grades, comments, and skill ratings teachers record in Faculty Access for the Web are saved to the Registrar's Office database, but do not appear in Grades until you post them.

Important notes
  • Before posting the information, you can run a preprocessing report to verify which classes are ready and to discover any posting exceptions. 
  • You can post marking column grade, comments, and skill ratings to the same marking column in Registrars Office, or set up a method to post grades to an interim marking column you create in Registrars Office to use for progress reports. Review How to track interim grades (BB113949).  
  • Teachers must indicate that the marking column grades, comments, and skill ratings are ready for posting for posting to occur. If the grades, comments, or skill ratings are not ready for posting, the class is considered an exception in the posting process.  Review how to change the posting status from not ready to ready for more information (BB454880). 
  • Whether numeric or letter grades post depends on the grading information set up on each course record in Records in Registrars Office. If both numeric and letter grades are allowed, the grades post as they are entered in Faculty Access for the Web, unless you mark the Post as letter grades checkbox on the Post from FAWeb screen. In this case, the program determines the letter grades by using the grade range created by the Cutoff Value column on the translation table associated with the marking column in Registrars Office. 
  • The posting process automatically excludes grade information for withdrawn and dropped students.
  • If you click Cancel on the processing screen before the posting is complete, no posting occurs.
  • The grade books must be set to ready before the steps can be taken. Please refer to How to globally update grade and comment statuses for gradebooks in FAWeb .
How to post from Faculty Access for the Web
  1. In Registrar's Office, open Administration. 
  2. Click Post from FAWeb.
  3. Select the school, academic year, and session for which to post. 
  4. To change the posting status of the included classes in Faculty Access for the Web after posting, mark the Change posting status to checkbox and select either Not Ready or Posted.
    Note: The program does not change the posting status for classes that are exceptions

    If you are changing the posting status to Not Ready, you can also determine
    whether this affects classes that already have a status of "Posted". To affect those classes, mark the Include posted classes when changing the posting status checkbox. 
  5. In the Marking Columns to Post box, select the marking columns to include in the processing. In the From the Web column, select the marking column used in Faculty Access for the Web. 
  6. In the Post the following frame, select the information to post:
    • Mark Grades to post the grade entries from the Grade column for the class. You can enter a reason for a change in the students' grades that will appear in the Grade Changes log only if Grades are marked to post.
      Note: You can enter a value to post for blank grades. Mark the Translate blank grades to checkbox and enter the value. We recommend entering NG (No Grade). The value you enter must be on the associated translation table.
      If you do not mark the Translate blank grades to checkbox, students with blank grades are considered exceptions.  
    • Mark Comments to post the comments associated with the grade entries from the Grade column for the class.  
    • Mark Skills to post the skill ratings selected for the marking column for the class.
  7. To update previously posted grades, comments, and skill ratings, mark the Update existing entries checkbox. Note that blank entries will not overwrite existing entries.  
  8. To convert numeric grades to letter grades, mark the Post as letter grades checkbox.  
  9. To print a control report after processing, mark the Print a control report on and select the printer checkbox. 
    To create an output query of classes after processing, mark the Create an output query of classes checkbox.  
  10. To create an output query of students after processing, mark the Create an output query of students checkbox.  
  11. On the Filters tab, you can further filter the classes included in the posting process.  
  12. To review the changes that will be made by the posting process, including any exceptions that will occur, click Preprocessing Report.  
  13. When you are ready to begin the posting process, click Post Now.  
  14. If you marked the Print control report checkbox, the control report appears. For each included marking column, the control report lists the classes that posted successfully and those that did not. 
  15. If you have any posting exceptions, troubleshoot them using this Knowledgebase solution (BB156512). 


For complete information about Faculty Access for the Web, refer to the documentation: