Complete each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. From Grades, select Enter Grades by student and select the student in question.
  2. Select the correct school, academic year, session and term.
  3. Highlight the Course for which the grade does not show on the report card, right click, and select Details for student.
  4. For the marking column in question, mark Print Print Grades on Report Cards and select Ok.
  5. Save and Close
  6. Select the correct term on the report card:
    1. Open the Report Card parameters and select the General tab
    2. Verify the proper Academic Year and Terms are selected
  7. Create a new report card using the same parameters defined in the existing report
  8. Save the report card parameters with a new name
  9. If the new report card runs successfully, delete the old saved report card