Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:  

  1. Verify that the marking columns that are awarding credit are assigned to terms:
    1. In Configuration, click Registrar Setup, and highlight Marking Column
    2. Open the appropriate Marking Column set
    3. Assign Terms to the marking columns that are Awarding credit


    • If entering Credits as a column in the course section:
      1. Are you using Credits Attempted or Credits Awarded?  
      2. What Marking Columns are you including credits from?
      3. Is the option to Show Column Credits selected?
      4. Is the option to Show total cumulative credits selected?
      5. Is the option to Show credits only for the student's current academic year selected?

    • If selecting to show Credit as its own section:
      1. Are you including Attempted and/or Awarded?
      2. What types are you including?
      3. What courses are you including?

    • Total Credits is selected to print
      1. Ensure the student was correctly dropped from terms that he did not attend
      2. Select the Details tab, open Courses and select the Columns tab
      3. Open the credit column entered with a description of 'Total Credits; Credits Awarded'
      4. Change the Field to show to Marking column
      5. Change the marking column to the appropriate marking column
      6. Change the Display to Credits Awarded
      7. Make the appropriate selections below
      8. Click OK
      9. Repeat these steps for each of 'Total Credits; Credits Awarded' column in the Columns tab of the Courses section, selecting the appropriate marking column for each
      10. Preview the transcript with these changes

    • Open the course record, and select the Grading tab. Open the appropriate academic year and check the following:

      1. Is the appropriate marking column(s) selected to award credit?
      2. Is the marking column marked as graded?
      3. What translation table is used? Did the student receive a grade that is set to award credit in the translation table?
      4. Is the option Course can be taken for credit multiple times selected?