1. Create a query (a client query in Accounts Receivable and a record query in Student Billing).
  2. On the Criteria tab:
    • In Accounts Receivable, select Summary, Client Aging Balance
    • In Student Billing, select Activity, Summary, Record Aging Balance.

    On the Edit field criteria screen:
    1. On the Criteria tab, use the filters to only include the balances that qualify for dunning letters. For example, Greater than with a value of zero (does not include credit balances), or Greater than or equal to $100 (only includes clients with an aged balance over $100)
    2. On the Filter tab, select Aging period EQUALS Current, click Change and select Client Aging period > 90 and click OK

      For more information, refer to How to use Summary Information fields in Query (BB132446)
    • On the Output tab, expand Client and select Client Name (this is the Record expandable in Student Billing)
    • Expand Addresses and select Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, Zip
    • Select any other fields to include in the results
    • Select the Results tab to view the results
    • Select File, Export from the menu bar and select Microsoft Word Merge File format (creates a DAT file)
    • Create the letter and perform a mail merge.