1. Click NetSolutions, Download Transactions, and the Click here to check for and download new transactions link. A screen appears, displaying the number of transactions downloaded.
  2. Click OK. The Download Transactions screen appears, displaying a link
    to the downloaded transactions. The information is arranged based on the
    Web page from which the transactions were downloaded.
  3. Scroll to the Undeliverable Email frame at the bottom of the screen and click the Click here to import undeliverable email into The Raiser's Edge link under Undeliverable Email. The Import Undeliverable Email screen appears. The information downloaded appears. If you have not changed the constituent information included in the export file used in your NetMail campaign, the information in the Email Address column is automatically matched with the RE Constituent. 
  4. If you changed information in your constituent records and that information is used in the NetMail export file, the program cannot automatically match the undeliverable Email Address with the RE Constituent. If you want to create queries with this information, you must manually match the email address with a constituent record in your database, create a new record with the email address, or delete the address from the Undeliverable Email screen.

    To manually match the email address with a constituent record in your database, place the cursor in the RE Constituent column next to the Email Address and press F7. The Open screen appears.
    • If you know the constituent record to which the undeliverable email address belongs:
      1. Enter the information in the criteria fields at the bottom of the Open screen
      2. Click Find Now
      3. Select the record in the grid, and click Open. You return to the Import Undeliverable Email screen. If this email address appears more than once on the Import Undeliverable Email screen, the RE Constituent column fills in for all instances.
    • If you do not know the constituent record to which the undeliverable email address belongs, click Add New to create a new constituent record or delete the email address.
  5. After all the undeliverable email addresses are matched with a constituent record, you can create a query. Use the query in other Raiser's Edge application, such as Global Change, to replace the undeliverable email addresses; Global Delete, to delete these records from your database; or in a Mail task, to send a hardcopy appeal to these constituents.
    1. To create a query, click Create Queries. The program processes the request and creates two queries: one with hard undeliverable email addresses and one with soft undeliverable email addresses.
    2. When the confirmation screen appears, take note of the query names. You will need the name if you want to open the query file later in Query. 
    3. Click OK to a blank Import Undeliverable Email screen.
    4. Click Close to return to the Download Transactions screen 

For more information about downloading transactions, refer to the NetSolutions Guide (PDF).