Before adding grading information, consider whether you can save time by copying grading information (BB148977) from a course that already exists.
  1. In Records> click Courses, and open the course record.
  2. Select the Grading tab.
  3. Click New Grading Information in the action bar.
  4. Select the appropriate academic year and session.
  5. To print the course and its grade on report cards and transcripts, mark the Print this course on Report cards and Transcript checkboxes.
    Note: So student grades for the course automatically print on report cards and transcripts, the Report cards and Transcripts checkboxes must be marked (BB229941) before you enter grades for students in the academic year.
  6. In the priority field, enter the priority for the program to use when printing the course on report cards and transcripts.
  7. To include grades awarded for the course in performance categories (BB136317), in the Include this course in the following performance categories box, mark the categories to include.
  8. To include grades awarded in the course in GPA calculations (BB155264), in the GPA column, select each appropriate GPA calculation type.
  9. To give the course a greater value than other courses when calculating GPAs, in the Weight column, enter the value of the weight.
    Note: Enter 1 if the GPA value should be the same as other courses.
  10. To allow historical entries to be entered for this course, mark the Allow historical entry for all marking columns available in the session checkbox.
    Review What is the allow historical entry checkbox? (BB223664).
  11. On the Grades tab, in the Credits are awarded in field, you can select The same marking columns they are attempted or Different marking columns than they are attempted.
    Note: It is possible to attempt but not award credits.
  12. In the grid, in the Graded column, mark the checkbox for each marking column in which to award a grade for the course.
  13. In the Attempted Credits column, enter the number of credits the course can earn.
  14. In the Award Credit In column, mark the checkbox for the marking column in which students receive credit for the course.
  15. In the Translation Table column, select the translation table (BB135868) to use for translating grades.
  16. To select the grade values the program can accept for course, in the Values Allowed column, you can select Grade, Numeric, or Both.
    Note: This decision can impact whether grades post from Faculty Access for the Web (BB156308)
  17. In the Calculation column, select the course average calculation (BB191144) to use for a marking column, if applicable.
  18. Click OK.