Both US states and Canadian provinces are listed on the same code table. The United States version of The Raiser's Edge calls this table States. The Canadian version of The Raiser's Edge calls this table Provinces.

There are core states and provinces on this table that are "hard-coded" meaning they cannot edited or marked as inactive. These values can be rearranged using the table's Sort button and/or using the Up and Down arrow buttons.

New state/province values can be added by users to this table. Only these new entries can be marked as inactive or edited.

NOTE: This table is used by Blackbaud Internet products to populate the State/Province field on web forms for consistent data entry. If you need to rearrange values for this field on a web form, consider grouping like values together. For example, move US states or Canadian provinces to the top of the form. Then create new table values, such as entering a line _____ or a divider like <US States>, for visual separation/organization for the drop-down on the web form.