Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. If the EFT module is present, add the EFT? field to the batch and mark it for all gifts to be authorized
    1. On the batch data entry grid, select Tools, Edit Batch Setup. 
    2. On the Fields tab, select EFT? as a data entry field. 
    3. Click Data Entry. 
    4. Mark the EFT? checkbox for each gift to be authorized.
  2. Ensure the gifts have the Credit Card or Direct Debit pay method. 
  3. Ensure the gifts have Cash gift types. 
  4. Ensure the gifts have values in the Credit Card Type and Credit Card Number fields. 
  5. If the EFT module is present, automatically generate transactions if this process has not yet been completed. 
  6. If authorization and/or rejection codes appear in the batch, clear them, first. Go to Tools - Clear Declined Authorization and Rejection Codes within the batch. 
  7. Recreate the batch 
  8. If there is only one gift in the batch, ensure it is not entered on the default row