The optional module Budget Management enhances and expands your budget development capabilities within General Ledger. Budget Management allows you to:

  • Create multiple 'what if' scenarios for planning purposes and to measure the impact of change.
  • Track adjustments as the fiscal year unfolds.
  • Check budgets on screen. Business rules can prevent budgets from being inadvertently exceeded for either accounts or projects.
  • Budget for both projects and accounts.
  • Create your budget using current or any previous years' budget information.
  • Copy a budget from another year, quickly manipulate a budget up or down using amounts or percentages, and use an unlimited number of budget distribution tables.
  • Define one account's budget as a percentage of another's budget.
  • Enter details into a notepad of how the budget for a particular account was developed.
  • Record budget adjustments and report on your original or adjusted budget.
  • Project remaining actual amounts based on year-to-year results and the annual budget

For complete instructions refer to the Budget Management Guide (PDF) for version 6 or the Budget Management section of The Records Guide (PDF) for version 7

For more information or to purchase Budget Management, contact your account representative

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