Mark the participant or guest to have place cards printed:

  1. Open the participant or guest record 
  2. Click the Tags/Cards button 
  3. Mark the Print Place Cards checkbox 
  4. Enter the addressee format and the number of cards to print 
  5. Click OK 
  6. Click Save and Close to save and close the participant or guest record 

Print the place cards in Mail:

  1. Click Mail, Place Cards
  2. Click New 
  3. On the General tab, select the appropriate place cards form type, font, and font size 
  4. On the Fields to Include tab, select the fields to print on the place cards 
  5. Select any filters or attributes if place cards should not be printed for all participants 
  6. Select any sort and output options 
  7. Click Print, Preview, or Export (to export to another program)
Note: Place cards may also be printed from the event record by selecting File, Print or Preview Place Cards from the menu bar.  The Place Cards function in Mail is only available with the Event module and only prints participants and guests.

Note: If table number is needed for place cards, create a participant attribute for the table number and then on the Fields to Include tab in the place card parameters, select this attribute.