• To change the Decimal Precision for all GPAs:
    1. Open Configuration and click Registrar Setup
    2. Select GPA Calculations

    3. Select the appropriate value at which to round, and select the appropriate decimal precision  

    4. Select the correct marking columns and grade levels to include for Year to date and Cumulative GPAs

    5. Save GPA Calculations

  • To change the Decimal Precision on the column of a report card or transcript:
    1. In Mail, open the transcript or report card parameters

    2. Select the Details tab

    3. Highlight the row for the section with the decimal places to be adjusted and click Open

    4. Select the Columns tab

    5. Highlight the row with the Marking Column to be changed and click Open Column

    6. At the bottom of this area change the Decimal Places to the appropriate number

    7. Repeat for all other marking columns as needed

    8. Click OK, OK

    9. Print or Preview the report cards or transcripts

  • To print the GPA in the header of the transcript using the student information section:
    1. In Mail, open the transcript parameters

    2. Select the Format tab and highlight Student Information on the left

    3. On the right, select the row that contains the GPA

    4. With the row/cell highlighted, click Format

    5. Specify the number of decimal places to include