If you are integrated with the Financial Edge, try these steps first:

  1. On the affected workstation, find and open filename ODBCAD32
    • On 32-bit systems, go to C:\Windows\System32
    • On 64-bit systems, browse to C:\Windows\SysWOW64
  2. Select the System DSN tab
  3. Remove the RE7_GL Data source
  4. Re-establish the integration between The Raiser's Edge and General Ledger

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Run the process from the server, which eliminates issues with network traffic. If it runs fine from the server, have your system administrator troubleshoot the network connection between the server and the workstation(s) involved.
  2. Run the process on the workstation using a different Windows user profile. If the performance issues are limited to one user, recreate the profile for the affected user.
  3. Detach and reattach the database.
  4. Add a new user name and password for that user. If this works, delete the old user name and password after reviewing What to consider before deleting a user name from Raiser's Edge 7 (BB55385).
  5. Try it from another workstation. If it works, uninstall and reinstall the Raiser's Edge 7 on the problem workstation.
  6. For more information, refer to How to Troubleshoot Performance Issues (BB8626).