Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article. 

Prior to importing, we suggest marking Validate Now on the General tab.: Validating the data will not import the information in the system. This is a test run of the import.


  1. Create an import file with the required fields (BB102268) or refer to How to export day attendance
  • The import file require the following fields
    • Student Import ID
    • Attendance Code
    • Attendance Date 
  1. In Administration > click Import Records.
  2. Click Attendance (located in Student section) > Click New.
  3. Mark Import New
  4. Browse to the CSV file in the Import file field
  5. Select Student Import ID as the field to use to match records
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  1. Select the File Layout tab and select the Import File does not contain field names option ONLY if your import file does not have header. If your Import File contains the field names, mark Fields names are on the first line of the import file. 
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  1. Select the Fields tab and map the fields
    • Student Import ID: Mapped to Import ID which is located in the Student Section
    • Attendance Code: Will be mapped to Attendance Code in the Attendance Section
    • Date: Mapped to Date in the Attendance Section
  • Note: Extensions cannot be used in this type of import.  We have two options for handling this type of import.
    • Option 1: Set up the import file so the attendance codes are all in the same row (this is how Export outputs the information).  When you map the fields, you'll only map the first group of information (attendance Code ,Date) > Import the attendance information for that day > Unmap the Day 1 information > Map the Day 2 information> Import. We'll repeat the process of map only one days' attendance information , import, unmap the fields, repeat the process until all days have been imported again.
    • Option 2. Set up the import file so each attendance entry is on its own row in the import file.  For example: If a student has multiple attendance entries to import they will need to have multiple rows in the import file-one for each day attendance entry.
  1. Save the import parameters.
  2. Click Validate now (if we marked Validate data only on the general tab) or Import Now

Option 1: (Each attendance code are in the same line so we map Day 1> Import> Unmap> Map Day 2> Import)

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Option 2: Each Attendance Code exist on a separate line.
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