When entering gifts in batch with barcode scanning, you will not receive a prompt to apply to an outstanding pledge. Also, if you are using a bar code that has been generated from appeal cards or phonathon forms, the gift will generate a gift type of Pledge.  If you are using the bar code from pledge reminders then a cash gift is generated and automatically applied to the appropriate pledge.

Alternative solution: Change the first character in the barcode from an A to a C. The gift type is added as a cash gift rather than a pledge.

Note: This will remove the appeal from the gift.


If the gifts have already been scanned into Batch, follow these steps:
    • In the batch data entry grid, place your cursor in the Gift Type column.
    • Select Tools, Global Change Gift Type from the menu bar.
    • Select the appropriate Gift Type.
    • Select Overwrite existing values.
    • Click OK.