Credit Card Processing Software and Processors which integrate with Store Operations 1.2:


Citibank is a credit card processing solution that was built into RMS version 1.1. Version 1.2 introduced the use of debit cards with the Citibank solution. Because this is a built-in solution, additional credit card software is not required. All merchant account information is received from Citibank. The Citibank solution currently uses Vital as the credit card processor.


RMS Store Operations is compatible PCCharge version 5.6.2 and version 5.5. However, problems have been identified with Version 5.6.1 when processing Voids or Returns from the Point-of-Sale. PCCharge Pro and Payment Server are supported with RMS. This solution requires an additional software purchase.

Concerning credit card processors, PCCharge offers a variety of options that can be chosen within RMS as shown below:

  • ASI ? Access Services, Inc.
  • BPS ? Banctek Payment Systems
  • CCRD ? Concord/EFS
  • ECHO ? Electronic Clearing House
  • FDC ? First Data Corporation (Omaha)
  • FDCN ? First Data Corporation (Nashville)
  • NB ? First Data Corporation (NaBanco)
  • CED ? First Data Corporation (CardNet)
  • TELM ? First Data Corporation (Telemoney ? terminal based)
  • TMH ? First Data Corporation (Telemoney ? host based)
  • NDC ? Global Payment Systems (Atlanta)
  • MAPP ? Global Payment Systems (St. Louis)
  • MDI ? Global Payment Systems (Los Angeles)
  • NPC ? National Processing Company
  • NOVA ? Nova
  • NVUS ? Novus
  • GSAR ? Paymentech (Florida)
  • FUSA ? Paymentech (New Hampshire)
  • RBOC ? Royal Bank of Canada
  • VISA ? Vital (VisaNet)
  • AMEX ? American Express
  • FDR ? First Data Resources
  • FTMS ? First Tennessee Merchant Services
  • MVRK ? Maverick International
  • LYNK ? Lynk Systems, Inc.
  • BMON ? Bank of Montreal



RMS Store Operations is compatible with ICVerify versions 2.5 and 2.6. This solution requires an additional software purchase. Credit card processors are not selected in RMS if you are using ICVerify, so any processor that you are currently using with ICVerify should be compatible with RMS as long as you are using a supported/compatible version of ICVerify with RMS.

Note: ICVerify 2.X is no longer supported by FirstData. Contact ICVerify Support for more information.