Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Make sure the Contract End Date event and Contract Start Date event were added in the correct order:
    1. Select the HR Info tab of the employee record
    2. If a Contract End Date event (CONTE) is listed above the Contract Start Date event (CONTS) in the Event grid, highlight the Contract End Date Event and click Delete
    3. Reenter the Contract End Date event below the Contract Start Date
    4. Save the employee record
  2. Check to see if the yearly maximum has been exceeded
    1. Open the employee record for which the deduction is not calculating
    2. Select the Compensation/Deductions tab on the employee record
    3. Open the appropriate Deduction
    4. On the Deduction tab, if the Stop Deduction when YTD deduction amount exceeds checkbox is marked, ensure that the deduction amount has not been met, or will not exceed in the next calculation, the amount of or percentage listed here
  3. Check the Deduction schedule:
    1. Select the Schedule tab of the deduction
    2. Ensure the deduction is scheduled for the period end date of the calculation