To avoid having to track expenses in both The Financial Edge and The Raiser's Edge, you can record event and appeal expenses in The Financial Edge and view these expenses in The Raiser's Edge.

Note: For this set up, The Financial Edge and The Raiser's Edge must be installed on the same workstation

  1. Create Transaction Codes in General Ledger 
  2. In The Raiser's Edge, open Configuration, click General Ledger and highlight General 
  3. If not already configured, establish the connection between The Raiser's Edge and The Financial Edge. Once the connection is active, the Expense Tracking frame is available 
  4. Under Expense Tracking and Appeal Posting, select the appropriate Transaction code (all transaction codes established in The Financial Edge appear in the Transaction Code drop-down list) 
  5. Mark the Apply Transaction Code associated with gift appeal when posting checkbox to post gifts for a given appeal with the transaction code selected in the Transaction Code field 
  6. If appropriate, mark the Appeals and Events checkboxes

    Note: Once these checkboxes are marked, a Financial Edge Transaction Code field and View GL Expenses button become available on the Appeal record Attributes/Expenses tab and Event record Expenses tab. When you save a new appeal or event, a table entry is created in The Financial Edge for the selected transaction code. The table entry equals the name of the appeal or event. The table entry also appears on the appeal or event record in the Financial Edge Transaction Code field. If an existing appeal does not have a corresponding table entry in The Financial Edge, manually add the table entry
  7. In Records, open an Appeal or Event 
  8. On the Attribute/Expense tab or Expenses tab, select the appropriate Transaction Code from the drop-down menu 
  9. Save and close the Appeal or Event


  • In The Financial Edge, you can associate General Ledger expenses with individual transaction code table entries. You can view any Financial Edge expenses you associate with a transaction code table entry for an event or appeal by clicking the View GL Expenses button on the appeal or event record. 
  • Transaction codes are included when posting in either Detail or Summary  
  • For more information on posting Transaction codes, refer to the Raiser's Edge to Financial Edge: an Integrated Solution for Nonprofits (PDF)