The main difference between these panels is that the Active Membership List shows how many active memberships you had for different time periods. This does not display current active memberships like the Membership Summary; it is merely trying to show you a number of memberships that, at some point during the time periods you specified for the Active Membership List, were active.

For example, let's say you list 1000 active memberships during 2004 (as of today) on the Active Membership List and 650 'Active at End' memberships on the Membership Summary Dashboard (as of today). When you compare the 1000 active memberships to the Membership Summary, it does not match the 650 'Active at End' Memberships for that category. This is because the 1000 Memberships listed are not a current count of the active memberships -- that count should only be pulled from the Membership Summary. These 1000 Memberships could, and probably are, listed throughout the following sections of the Membership Summary

  • Active at End: at least 650 Memberships
  • Lapsed at End: some portion of the remaining 350 Memberships
  • Dropped: whatever is leftover from the 'Lapsed at End' section

The Membership Summary Dashboard is something that should be used to display raw numbers about the Categories you selected, while the Active Membership List Dashboard is more of a statistical report that should be used for research and development purposes. Since these two panels report on that same data in different ways, we recommend not comparing them.