Use one of the following options:
  • Format the salutation in Export
    1. On the Output tab of the export, format the Constituents' salutation:
      1. Highlight Addressee/Salutation, Salutation
      2. Select Format
      3. On Organizations tab, select Leave blank
    2. Select Relationship, Contact, Salutation on the Output tab
    3. In the edit merge document, select Dear <Individual Addressee><Contact Addressee> under Insert The Raiser's Edge fields
    4. Finish the merge

    This will suppress the constituent salutation if it is an organization and suppresses the contact salutation if it is an individual


    • Use If Then Else Statements in Word:
      1. Include Key Indicator as a field in the Export, along with address and addressee fields. To use address processing , pull address fields from under Address, Address Processing. Pull the Contact Addressee and Salutation from there as well.
      2. Click Edit the Merge Document
      3. Insert address fields
      4. To include the addressee field, select Insert Word Field, If Then...Else. Select Key Indicator equals I and click ok, leaving Then and Else Text fields blanks
      5. Select Tools, Options from the toolbar and mark the option to show field codes
      6. In the conditional statement, place the cursor within the first set of quotation marks , following "I". Select Insert Raiser's Edge Field, and select Addressee/Salutation, Addressee
      7. Place cursor in the next set of quotation marks. Click Insert Raiser's Edge Field, and select Address, Address Processing, Contact, Primary Addressee
      8. Repeat the same process to pull in the appropriate salutation
      9. Add the remaining text of the letter and the Merge fields, and click Save. Return to RE7.
      10. Click Merge to Merge the Letter to Word