Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Change the fund format:
    1. Select Tools, User Options
    2. On the Records tab, select Funds
    3. In the Fund format field, select Fund ID
    4. Click Apply and click OK
  2. Open the appropriate mailing function
  3. Click Send to Word merge wizard
  4. Click Next until the Create merge document screen appears
  5. Open each merge document and re-select the value in the 'this value' field
  6. Click Finish to complete the merge process
  7. Open the Mail Merge Wizard within the mailing parameters. On the Create Merge documents screen, open the existing document and select a different value for 'Use this document when letter is...'. Then, change it back to the new letter description.
  8. Verify all records have a value that matches one of the conditional field values listed in the Create merge letter screen of the Word Merge Wizard.
    For example, if the conditional field for a set of Donor Acknowledgement Letters is Letter Code, create a letter for the Letter Code General Thank You and another letter for the Letter Code Banquet Thank You. Verify at least one gift has either the General Thank You or the Banquet Thank You Letter Code.
  9. Open the Mail Merge Wizard within the mailing parameters. On the Choose your conditional field screen, ensure the correct field is selected and compare it to the existing document values on the next screen. 
  10. Recreate the query 
  11. Open the gift and add the applicable conditional field, such as Fund or Letter Code
  12. Change the constituents' receipt status from Consolidated receipts to One receipt per gift.