1. Create a student or applicant export
2. On the Output tab, expand Relationships > Person Relation or Relation > Addresses > Contact Information and select Contact number and/or Contact Type
3. On the window that opens, on the General tab, select the number of Relationships to export.
Note: You can check the box to 'include only one record per spouse pair' after double clicking Address if you only want a single address or phone number for each married couple.
Relationships General Tab

4. In the same window, on the Filters tab, select Relationship Types you would like to pull contact information for. Click OK. 
Relationships Filters Tab

5. In the next window that opens, select the number of Addresses to export (contact information is stored with the Address) and any other Address information. Click OK.
Number of Addresses to Export

6. In the next window that opens, select the number of contact numbers/types to export and select the specific contact types to export> Click OK.
Note: If we are expecting both cell and home to appear in the export, we should enter 2 for the number to export. The number of contact information to export should equal the amount of contacts that are in the right window. For example, we currently have  1. We will get cell only unless the student does not have cell. 
Number and Contacts to Export

7. Export the data by pressing Export Now.