When you define an academic year in Configuration, you identify the dates on which to skip the scheduling cycle (such as exam days, teacher work days, etc.). When a date does not have a cycle day association, you cannot enter class attendance for the date in Attendance because classes are tied to cycle days.

Note: You can use the following option only if you haven't recorded attendance for dates following the date you are associating with a cycle day.

Attendance already exists on or after this date

If you have already entered attendance for subsequent dates, you must print attendance reports to capture the attendance entries and then delete the attendance entries before you associate the date with a cycle day.

If a date does not appear in Attendance resolve the issue by unmarking the Skip? checkbox on the Scheduling Calendar tab of the academic year record in Configuration.

  1. In Configuration, click Academic Years.
  2. Open the appropriate academic year record (such as 2004-2005).
  3. Open the appropriate session (such as Regular or Summer).
  4. Select the Scheduling Calendar tab.

    Scheduling Calendar tab

  5. Unmark the Skip? checkbox for the appropriate date.
  6. Note that the Cycle column is now available. To select a specific cycle day for the date, select a day from the list. If you do not select a cycle day, the program automatically assigns the next cycle day in the rotation. Review How to select a specific cycle day (BB131632) for more information.