To integrate Student Billing 7 and The Education Edge, you can use the merge utility for student/applicant records that exists in both databases.

After merging, each record will have multiple views:

  • Admissions Office applicant view
  • Registrar's Office student view
  • Student Billing student view 


  • Merge records instead of deleting one of them so you do not lose any information between them.  Information, such as billing information on the Activity tab, will be retained and combined into one record. 
  • Not merging records will leave two records per student in your database. Changes that users make to one record (such as phone number and address updates) will not be reflected on the other record. If you don't merge the records, Registrar's Office users and Student Billing users will not view the same information when accessing a record.

For more information, review Integrating Student Billing with The Education Edge.

If you are preparing to integrate with your The Raiser's Edge database, review How to integrate education software with The Raiser's Edge.