If using the SQL Server MSDE version:

    • Open the Blackbaud Management Console and detach the database.
    • Open Windows Explore and search for the Client_###.mdf file and Client_###.ldf files.
    • Right-click on the *.mdf file and select Properties.
    • Unmark the Read Only checkbox.
    • Repeat the previous two steps for the *.ldf file.
    • Attach the database to the Blackbaud Management Console.


    If using SQL Server Enterprise or Standard Edition:

      • Go to Start, Run, type Services.msc, locate your SQL Server Service, right-click and choose Properties, go to the Log On tab. If a specific Windows account is being used, grant this Windows account Full Control permissions to the database folder and files.
      • Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager.
      • Right-click on the database file and select Properties.
      • Select the Options tab.
      • Unmark the Read Only checkbox.

      Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue, which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.