Manually add the attribute from the relationship record as an attribute on the constituent record, or manually add the attribute on the constituent record to the relationship record.


Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article. Import the information if updating multiple constituent/relationship attributes:

  1. Create a query of the constituents whose attributes are to be copied to their relationship records.
  2. Create a constituent attribute import file (file A) in comma separated values (CSV) format based on the query created in step 1.
  3. On the Fields tab of the import screen, click Clear Fields, then select:
    • Constituent Import ID
    • Category
    • Description
    • Date
    • Comments
  4. Select all other appropriate options and click Create Now.
  5. Ensure individual relationship attributes are set up in Configuration to match each constituent attribute exported in steps 2 through 4. For more information on creating attributes, refer to How to create an Attribute in the Raiser's Edge
  6. Create a constituent export (file B) in CSV format based on the query created in step 1.
  7. On the Output tab, select:
    • Biographical>Import ID (or ID)
    • Spouse>Biographical>Relationship Import ID
  8. Click Export now.
  9. Open both CSV files in Excel.
  10. Using the Constituent Import ID columns to match constituents in the two CSV files, copy the Relationship Import IDs from file B into file A. If multiple attributes exist for each constituent in file A, which results in more than one row per constituent, ensure the Relationship Import ID is copied onto each row.
  11. Insert a column in file A for the Relationship Attribute Import ID (IRAttrImpID). This column may remain blank.
  12. Save and close the CSV files.
  13. Import file A using an Individual Relationship Attribute import.
  14. On the Fields tab of the import screen, map each field to import with a Raiser's Edge field, except for the Constituent Import ID (or Constituent ID) field.
  15. Select all other appropriate options and complete the import process.