If using the Business Rule to automatically create Student Progression entries using the current grade level and academic year, it is not possible to import both Student biographical information and progression entries in the same import.

Importing students and student progression entries in the same file requires two separate files. The first file imports and creates student records and the progression entry using Current Grade and Academic Year, but does not include Homeroom, Homeroom Teacher, or Advisor. When import makes the second pass, the student already has a Progression Entry, so the progression entry has to be updated rather than imported. This process can be completed using the following steps:

1. Create an import file and import student records
2. Create a query of records imported, including the following criteria: Student Properties, Date Added and Student Properties, Added by. Save this query.
3. Create a Student Export based on the query created in Step 2, including the following fields: Student Import ID and Student Progression Import ID
3. Open this export file in Excel and add columns for Homeroom, Homeroom Teacher, or Advisor. Populate with the appropriate teacher record IDs or rooms and save changes.
4. Open Administration, Import, Student Progression. On the General tab, select Update existing records. Browse to the file created in Step 3. Verify that the fields map correct on the Fields tab. Complete other parameters and click Import Now.
5. Open Query created in Step 2 and add Student, Student Progression, Homeroom, Homeroom Teacher, and Advisor as Output fields. Click on Results to verify that information updated the progression entry correctly