A Pre-Note Authorization file is a test EFT that is sent to the bank so they can verify the EFT account numbers are correct.

Note: Before beginning electronic funds transfers, the receiving bank often requires a prenote authorization file. This is a test record sent to the bank to ensure the file transmits correctly with the proper coding and account numbers.

For this procedure to work, EFT must be configured in Configuration and Employees
Note: If this process is being done in Accounts Payable, please replace "Employee(s)" with "Vendor(s)". 
  1. In Records, Employees, open the Employee record
    In Student Billing 7 refer to How to configure Electronic Funds Transfer in Student Billing 7
  2. Select the Bank Info tab
  3. Ensure Computer Check is selected in the Pay this employee by field
    Note: The employee record will not save if payment method is EFT Check but the EFT status on the bank is Prenote
  4. Open the active EFT bank
  5. Select Prenote as the EFT status
  6. Add the Pre-note status to all applicable employees
    Note: Since this file is being generated to be validated by the bank, you have the option to make the changes to one "test" employee.
  7. Open Payroll, Query and click New on the menu bar
  8. Select Employee as the type and Dynamic as the format
  9. On the Criteria tab, expand Employee Bank Information
  10. Highlight EFT status and click Select
  11. Select Equals as the Operator
  12. Select Prenote authorization as the Value
  13. Click OK
  14. On the Output tab, select Employee Full Name if desired (not required)
  15. Select File, Save from the menu bar and name query as Prenote Authorization
  16. Open the Banks and click Create Prenote Authorization File from Administrative Tasks
  17. In the Create Prenote file for employees in this group, select the Prenote query created in step 5
  18. Enter the Output file name and path (e.g., c:\eft\prenote.ach), and click OK.
  19. Modify the EFT Parameters and make any changes to the information shown on this screen
  20. Click Create Prenote File Now
  21. Browse out to the Output path to find the prenote authorization file and transmit the file to the bank