1. In Records, open the appropriate course record.
  2. Select the Restrictions 2 tab and open the academic year.
  3. Edit the length in terms and start terms as appropriate. For example, if you previously defined the course as a one-term course that could start in Fall, Winter, and Spring and did not allow partial requests, you can edit the definition so it is a three-term course that starts in Fall and allows partial requests. 

    three-term course

  4. After editing the length in terms and start terms, click OK. A message
    appears asking if you want to update the existing scheduling information.


  5. Click Yes.
  6. In Scheduling, note the following:
    • The program does not automatically delete classes created before you edited the course definition.
    • You must manually delete the classes that start in terms other than the one currently defined on the course record as the start term. For example, delete the classes that start in Winter and Spring.
    • The classes that start in the term currently defined as the start term now last as long as the new definition allows. For example, a class that was one-term is now three-terms in length.
    • Students enrolled in classes of the course are now enrolled for the full length of the class. For example, a student enrolled in a one-term class starting in Fall is now enrolled in a three-term class starting in Fall. 
    • Meetings set for the existing class do not automatically carry over to subsequent terms. For example, a three-term class may have meetings defined only for the first term. You must manually add the meetings to the classes in the subsequent terms.
  • Prior to version 7.5:

    Once classes are scheduled, the length in terms and the start terms cannot be edited on course records. On the Restrictions 2 tab of course records, the Length in terms field is grayed out.

    To change the length in terms, you must remove all class scheduling information for the appropriate academic year: 

    1. In Grades and Attendance, remove all grades and attendance entries for students in classes of the course.
    2. In Scheduling, remove students from classes of the course.
    3. In Scheduling, delete the classes of the course.
    4. In Scheduling, delete all appropriate scheduling scenarios as these maintain class records and will prevent the length in terms from being changed.
    5. In Records, Courses, delete the appropriate academic year record on the Restrictions 2 tab of the course record.
    6. In Records, click Courses, add the new restrictions for the academic year.