Adding duplicate records can clutter up a database and make data entry inconsistent.

To add a Faculty/Staff record as a relationship on a Student or Applicant record, do the following:
1. On the student's Relationships tab, click Add
2. Click the binocular's button in the Last Name field to search for an existing record
3. Click the radio button next to Faculty/Staff to search through the Faculty/Staff records

By having the Faculty record also be the relationship record, the Faculty/Parent will use the same password for FAWeb and NetClassroom. 

NOTE: Faculty records cannot be converted in to Individual records. But, Individual records can be converted in to Faculty records.  How to change an individual record to a faculty/staff, student, or applicant record.
If the Faculty will only be a faculty for a short time, or if the school would prefer to keep the Parents records separate from the Faculty records, it may be preferred to create an Individual and a Faculty record for the parent.