Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Change the receipt type on the constituent record from Consolidated

    Note: If the donor would like to receive a consolidated receipt but you you do not want the same receipt number to be used, change the receipt type to 'One Receipt per Gift' on the Bio 2 tab for running receipts in Mail.

  2. Save and Close the receipt parameters. Re-open the receipt parameters and print receipts. The receipt number is automatically updated.
  3. Create a new receipt parameter file
  4. Manually correct the receipt numbers on each of the gifts


    1. Make sure that there is a backup of the database.
    2. Create a Gift query of the gifts with a duplicate receipt number
    3. In Administration, click Global Delete
    4. Globally delete the receipt number field from the query in Step 2
    5. In Administration, Global Change, globally replace Receipted with Not Receipted
    6. In Mail, rerun Receipts, making sure that the Starting Receipt Number field is now on the correct number to start (making sure that no other users are printing receipts at the same time)