The batch numbers are assigned in sequential order, but the following items can make it appear like the numbers are not assigned in the correct order:
    • On the bottom of the Batch page, you have marked either the Only show my batches or Only show batches not committed checkboxes or you have deleted batches. This makes it appear that the batch numbers are out of sequence because you do not see all the batch numbers listed on the screen.
    • You use recurring batches. Each time the batch is committed after the first time, the committed gifts are assigned a new batch number but that 'batch' does not appear in the list. For example, the recurring batch number is 33 and has already been committed. When you commit the batch, it assigns the next available batch number, let's say 45. Even though the gifts show batch number 45, this batch does not appear on the Batch page because it is recurring batch 33 committed as batch 45.
    • You have selected the option in Business Rules, Batch Options to prefix the batch number with the current year. When the year changes, the batch numbers reflects this.