Option #1: The best way to reset a hosting user's password for Citrix is in User Administration in Citrix:

    To reset a hosting user's password in User Administration:

    NOTE: Only users with access to User Administration will be able to reset hosting user passwords and unlock hosting user accounts in User Administration

    1. Open a web browser and navigate to the Hosting Services page - Boston, Orange CountyVancouverSydney or EU (Amsterdam)
    2. Enter your hosting user name and password, then click Log In
    3. Launch User Administration NOTE: If you have multiple User Administration icons, select the User Administration icon for the appropriate product/user
    4. Right-click on the user whose password you wish to reset
    5. In the resulting menu select Reset Password
    6. Enter a temporary password, then confirm it
    7. Click OK (NOTE: The user will be prompted to change the password upon logging in.  This does not occur for EU hosted clients, but the user can change their own password via the dropdown options at the top right of Blackbaud Hosting Services after logging back in.)
    8. Notify the user that he or she can log in with their original username and the temporary password

    Option #2: If the Citrix Admin has forgotten his/her password to Citrix Administration, you can reset the Admin's password on blackbaud.com:

    To reset a hosting password on Blackbaud.com:

    NOTE: Only Organization Admins will be able to reset hosting user passwords and unlock hosting user accounts on Blackbaud.com

    1. Log in to Blackbaud.com then
      • Click the three lines on the top left (called a hamburger menu). 
      • Choose Admin.
      • Click Application hosting under Reset Passwords
    2. Click Reset Password beside the appropriate user name​
    3. Enter a temporary password that does not contain the User name and click Submit 
    • NOTE: The user will be prompted to change the password upon logging in
    1. Notify the user that he or she can log in with their original username and the temporary password

    Option #3: If you are unable to complete the above solution because you are not an Admin, please follow How do I contact the Administrator for my Organization to request your Admin to do this for you. Support cannot assist in resetting a user's hosting password. 

    If you find your Organization does not have an Admin listed, please follow 
    I need to become an Organization Administrator to have one established.