Crystal reports is unable to display groups that do not have any records because it processes and displays information that exists within the database file. It does not have the capability of generating place holders for groups that do not exist within the records that were exported.

Workaround using a Dynamic and a Static section:
  1. Insert a new section below the current Group Header section that contains your fields (Right click section, Insert Section Below).
  2. In the new section, create a replica of the one above it but replace any dynamic fields with hard coded text objects specific to the Group Name that you want to see.
  3. Create a conditional suppression on the dynamic Group Header section (Right click, section expert, X2 button next to Suppress) such as:
    • IsNULL({Group Name Field}) or {Group Name Field} = ""
  4. Create the opposite suppression for the static hard coded section such as:
    • NOT IsNULL({Group Name Field}) or {Group Name Field} <> ""