1. In Excel, open the import file.
  2. Add a column with either Batch Import ID (to find the Import ID: In Journal Entry open the batch.  Go to File and select Properties and note the Import ID ) or Batch ID
  3. Save and Close the import file.
  4. In Administration, Import records, open the import parameter.
  5. On the General tab, select the updated import file.
  6. On the Fields tab, map the fields.
  7. Click Import now.
Import the journal entry transactions through the Batch record:

  1. In Journal Entry, create a new regular batch or open the existing batch.
  2. Select Batch, Import Transactions.
  3. Choose to Import record under "What do you want to Do" and select the file to import on the General Tab.
  4. Select the Fields tab and map the Field to Import Column to the Import Field Column.
  5. Click Import now.