Performing regular housekeeping helps you maintain a healthy database. Some tasks you can perform regularly include:
    • Writing-off Pledges — If your organization's fiscal year ended in December, now is a good time to identify and write-off last year's non-performing pledges (BB55270).
    • Coding Deceased Records — Updating deceased records promptly and consistently helps ensure your future correspondence is accurate and appropriate (BB16844).
    • 'Archiving' Inactive Records — If certain constituents haven't responded to appeals and have no recent gifts, in version 7, consider making them inactive (BB38826). They remain in the database but can be easily excluded from queries, reports, exports, and mailings.
    • Modifying/Deleting Unused Queries, Batches, Reports, and Exports — Periodically review saved queries, batches, reports parameters (version 7 only), and exports, and modify or delete those you no longer need (24689). If you're not doing so already, print control reports to document each function and save the copies with the output.
    • Reviewing Code Table Entries — Periodically review code table entries to ensure the list is accurate. In version 7, clean up table entries using Table Cleanup in Configuration, Tables (BB81596).
    • Reviewing Records for Accuracy — Spot-check important records in your database to verify biographical and gift information. When new employees join your organization, check their work regularly and provide feedback as needed.

    Note: Make sure you document your housekeeping tasks in a policies and procedures manual (BB90981) and update it regularly.

    Also refer to the The Data Entry Protocol section of the Program Basics Guide