Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
  1. Ensure the missing gift is a Pledge, pledge payment, matching gift pledge, or matching gift pledge payment

  2. Open the report parameters

  3. On the Gift Types tab, unmark the Include outstanding pledges only checkbox

  4. On the Gift Types tab, mark the Calculate gift balance based on date range, campaign, fund, and appeal checkbox

  5. Select the Filter tab and remove the constituency code filter

  6. Select the Filter tab and remove the filter for the campaign, fund, or appeal that is not on the pledge or add the appropriate campaign, fund, or appeal to the pledge.

  7. Change the report Start and End Dates to include the date of the Pledge or Write-Off

  8. If using a query, confirm it contains the correct records

  9. Ensure the constituent is not marked as anonymous

Note: Another option to show write-offs is to run the Written-Off Report