Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Reboot the workstation.
  2. If using a query in the report, recreate the query.
  3. Register all DLL files for The Financial Edge.
  4. Manually update/repair the workstation and reboot the workstation.
  5. Add a new user name with the same security rights as the problem user in the Financial Edge 7. If this corrects the issue, review What to consider before deleting a user name and delete the problem user.
  6. Check the integrity of the database.
  7. Rebuild indexes.
  8. Update statistics.
  9. Download and run the FixKeyPositionDataforIndRecords2 plug-in.
  10. Download and run the FixKeyPositionDataforOrgRecords plug-in.
  11. Download and run the De-Duplicate Phones plug-in. 
  12. Upgrade to the latest Raiser's Edge version.
If your database is hosted by Blackbaud, please Contact Support and reference this article.