1. Click Config, Letters
2. Open the appropriate letter or create a new one
3. Click New Export or Edit Export
4. In the Output, select Constituent, Address, Address Processing, Contact
5. Choose Addressee/Salutation, Additional Addressee/Salutations, Addressee/Salutation
6. You will be prompted to enter address information. Enter the appropriate information. Be sure to choose Export Contact's Address on the Org Address tab. Click OK.
7. In the next window, enter the number of addressee/salutations to export per constituent and choose the appropriate additional addressee/salutation type. Click OK.
8. Once the fields have been chosen in the Export, choose Edit Merge Document.
9. Insert the Raiser's Edge fields in the appropriate place in the letter.
10. Click Save and return to RE7 to Merge
11. Save and close the export
12. Save and close the letter