Run the reports together to prevent double counting of donors.

The actual donor count is calculated based on the number of unique donors in the report. If a donor gave gifts to 2 different funds that are on separate reports, totaling the actual count will give a higher number than running the funds on one report.

Let's say Mary gave one gift to Fund A and one to Fund B. If we ran the Fund Performance Analysis for all funds, she will be listed once for Fund A and once for Fund B. The grand total is two, but the actual count (number of distinct donors) is one. This is because she is only one donor but gave to two funds.

Now we run the report for Fund A only. Mary shows up on this report. The actual count is 1 because she is one donor and shows up on the report. We run the report for Fund B only. Mary also shows up on this report. Again, the actual count is one because she shows on the report and is one donor. If you add these two actual counts together you get 2. This is because you double-count Mary. Because the reports are run separately, the double-counting is not removed when you add them together but it is removed when you run the report for all funds.