By comparing your files to a continually growing database of more than 80 million individuals, EmailFinder is able to find email addresses for 8-20% of your constituents, typically doubling the number of email addresses in an organization's database.

Once matches are identified, we'll send an introductory email to verify addresses and allow individuals the chance to opt out of receiving email communications. This approach tends to yield individuals who have self-selected the electronic medium as a preferred method of communication, resulting in high response rates to future campaigns.

If you will be using a third-party vendor to send emails, such as Constant Contact, please review our suggestions for using EmailFinder results with opt-in vendors (BB720662) prior to submitting your data.

Follow the instructions below to add email addresses using EmailFinder:

  1. It is recommended being on the latest version (BB202814) of The Raiser's Edge prior to using service.
  2. Create and submit the export file (BB312008).

    Note: Allow approximately four weeks for processing. The specific stages of the process are below:
    1. Stage 1 - Data has been received and is being validated, analyzed and formatted for searching by our vendors.
    2. Stage 2 - Data is being validated by the vendor and gross matches are being compiled.
    3. Stage 3 - Welcome message is created validated and deployed.
    4. Stage 4 - Recipients respond to welcome message; results are retrieved, compiled, and finalized.
  3. Download and import the EmailFinder update (BB312009).