Before beginning the scheduling process, log into Records - Courses and verify the information on the Course, Restrictions 1, Restrictions 2, Resources, and Rules tabs of each course record to be offered in the scheduling year. Correct course information is vital whether you schedule manually or with the automated schedulers. For example, if you define a course with a term length of 1, it is impossible to create year-long classes of the course.
  • On the Course tab, confirm the Course category fields lists Standard or Mandatory
    • If the category is Transfer Course, you can enter grades for the course but the course is not available in Scheduling.
      For more information, review When to define a course as Standard, Transfer Course, or Mandatory (BB143242)
    • Confirm the Course is no longer offered checkbox is not marked. When this checkbox is marked, the course does not appear in academic years in which classes did not previously exist.
  • On the Restrictions 1 tab, confirm the course limits are correct
    • The minimum, target, and maximum numbers you enter in the grid determine how the program creates classes and generates your master schedule

      Restrictions 1 Tab

    • In the Grade levels allowed box, confirm the checkbox is marked for each grade level in which students can request the course
    • Determine if the Course can be requested multiple times checkbox should be marked. If it is not marked, multiple course requests from the same student appear as exceptions in Scheduling.
    • Verify the selection in the Default request priority field is correct. The program uses this priority when processing course requests in Scheduling.
    • Verify the selection in the Include course when generating a master schedule using a priority of checkbox is correct. The program uses this priority to assign meeting times, teachers, and rooms when creating the master schedule.
    • To include this course when generating student schedules, mark the Include course when generating student schedules checkbox. The program uses this to enroll students in classes.
  • For more information about how to define restrictions on the Restrictions 2 tab, refer to How to enter course scheduling restrictions (BB358670).

  • On the Resources tab:
    • Ensure the value in the Number of teachers for each class field is accurate. The number you enter determines how many teachers the program assigns to classes using Generate Master Schedule or when scheduling manually. 
    • Confirm the correct information appears in the Available teachers and Available rooms grids
    • For each teacher, enter the correct priority, target number of classes per term, and maximum number of classes per term
    • For each room type or room, enter the correct priority
    • To include the homeroom assignments of the teachers as room resources, mark the Include homerooms of faculty specified as resources checkbox
    • For more information, see How to add teachers and rooms as resources to course records (BB261350).
  • On the Rules tab, review all the added information. You can: