While a pledge can have a split gift entered, using this function does not create "sub-pledges" or "split pledges" with their own balances. In order for split pledge payments and balances to display as expected, all payments must show the exact same split information as the original pledge. If one split is different and the rest are the same, the split that is different will be proportionally distributed among all splits based on the pledge's split gift distribution in the Pledge Status Report.

(Note: The following examples assume no query is attached and everything is Select All on the Filters tab. This is to show how the report works.)

For example, say a pledge is split equally between Fund A and Fund B (50% and 50%). For the Pledge Status report to list payments correctly, all pay-cash applied to the pledge must have the same 50% to Fund A and 50% to Fund B split. However, if a pay-cash is applied that just for Fund A (100% to Fund A), the Pledge Status Report does not "reduce" the Fund A split by that amount. Instead, the report will apply this payment based the original pledge's 50% Fund A and 50% Fund B split gift distribution in its results.

Another example, say a $100 total pledge is split $50 to Fund A (50%), $30 to Fund B (30%), and $20 to Fund C (20%). A pay-cash of $10 just for Fund A is applied to the pledge. In the report, this pay-cash would not reduce the Fund A split by $10 (as split gifts on pledge are not "sub pledges" with their own balances). Instead just in the report, the $10 will be applied based on the split of the original pledge: $5 to Fund A (50% of $10), $3 to Fund B (30% of $10), and $2 to Fund C (20% of $10).

To ensure the Pledge Status report shows gifts as intended, make sure that the Split Gift tab of each Payment gift shows the same distribution of the payment based on the Split Gift tab of the original pledge.

If it's important to track a pledge balance for multiple specific funds, enter separate pledges for each fund with no splits. One pay-cash gift can be applied to multiple pledges (and on multiple constituent records if needed).

For the Pledge Status Report to show the correct balance of a specific Fund, Campaign, or Appeal:
  1. Create a Gift Query based on one specific Fund, Campaign or Appeal with gift type of Pledge or Recurring Gift
  2. Include this query in a Pledge Status Report and do not filter on Fund, Campaign or Appeal on the Filters tab.  
  3. The Pledge Balance will appear correctly when reflecting all funds.