Important Note: If you are using The Raiser's Edge version 7.93.5782.10 and higher and would like to process direct debits using BBMS, please review How to process ACH Payments (direct debits) through Blackbaud Merchant Services in The Raiser’s Edge. See the EFT Guide for more information on configuring EFT files.

If you are using a version lower than 7.93.5782.10, follow the steps below:

  1. Add the EFT gift:
    1. Ensure the constituent record has a bank relationship
    2. Add a recurring gift or pledge
    3. Select Direct Debit as the Pay Method. 
    4. Mark the EFT? checkbox and select the appropriate bank information.
  2. Process the direct debit transactions:  
    1. In a new gift batch, automatically generate transactions/payments or manually add the Gifts
    2. Select Tools, Create EFT Transmission Files. 
    3. Mark the Create direct debit file checkbox. 
    4. In version 7.82 and higher, select Financial Institution. 
    5. In the Financial processing date field, enter the appropriate value. 
    6. In the Sponsoring bank drop-down, select the bank that will process the transactions. 
    7. In the Immediate destination name field, enter the authorizing institution that approves and authorizes all banking account transactions. If you are unsure what value should be entered in this field, contact your sponsoring bank. 
    8. In the Direct debit file field, click the ellipses to browse to the location where the file should be created.  
    9. Mark the Create credit offset transaction checkbox to include this transaction in the file. 
    10. Mark the Create credit card file if you want to include credit card transactions in addition to direct debits. 
    11. Mark the Create control report checkbox and select Print or Preview. 
    12. Click Create Now. A direct debit file is created. Send the file to your sponsoring bank. 
    13. Commit the batch.
      If using IATS to process direct debit gifts, refer to BB118918.