1. Open Configuration, Letters
2. Highlight the name of the existing letter and click Edit
3. Click Edit Export. Click the Word Merge Wizard button to the text from the existing letter
4. Select Tools, Export Options from the menu bar and switch letter to Blackbaud Conditional Word Merge format
5. Add Key Indicator as an export field
6. Click the Conditional Merge Wizard button
7. Select Key Indicator as the conditional field and click OK
8. Set up the letter using Key Indicator equal to I. Add the appropriate fields for an individual letter and click Save and Return to RE7
9. Repeat the process, using Key Indicator = O, adding contact addressee and salutation as fields to merge
10. Save and close the export
11. Save and close the letter
12. Open the gift record and test the letter to verify the correct formatting is used

For additional information on setting up Conditional Mail Merges in Export, see How to use the mail Merge Wizard to perform Conditional Mail Merges in Export