To resolve this issue, free up some space or export the file to another location.

Follow these steps to export the file to your desktop instead of a network location:
  1. Select Tools>Options.
  2. Select the File Location tab.
  3. Select the local desktop and click OK. 
If Blackbaud hosts your software and you're receiving this error when exporting to your Files folder, you may need to delete other files from your Files folder.  
  • The Files folder is considered interim space.
  • We recommend exporting to your C: drive or to a network drive, which is the fasted way to export documents.
  • When you utilize the Files Folder, you need to periodically clean out files that you've exported there. 
  • For complete details about how to use the Files folder, review 
    How to set up and access the Blackbaud Hosting Services Files folder