To resolve this issue, free up some space or export the file to another location.

Follow these steps in Financial Edge to export the file to your desktop instead of a network location:
  1. Select Tools > Options.
  2. Select the File Locations tab.
  3. Select the Export/Import Data Files row and click in Location field
  4. Click the ellipses button to set a new file path to export to your local C: drive
If Blackbaud hosts your software and you're receiving this error when exporting to your Files folder, you may need to delete other files from your Files folder.  
  • The Files folder is considered interim space.
  • We recommend exporting to your C: drive or to a network drive, which is the fasted way to export documents.
  • When you utilize the Files Folder, you need to periodically clean out files that you've exported there. 
  • For complete details about how to use the Files folder, review 
    How to set up and access the Blackbaud Hosting Services Files folder