You can add a photo to an applicant or student record. If your database has both Admissions Office and Registrar’s Office, the photo is visible on both the applicant and student view of the record.

  • The images must be in one of the following formats: BMP, GIF, ICO, and JPG (TIF format is not Supported)
  • The maximum size for a photo to fit in the viewable space is 3.78 in. x 5.68 in (or 363 pixels x 545 pixels). Larger photos will import, but will be cut off. For example, a full 4x6 picture will be cropped on the bottom by a minimal amount (<0.25 inch).
  • If Blackbaud hosts your database, please upload the pictures first. If you are uploading over 100 photos, you may need to reach out to support to request a Temporary File Storage increase for your Hosting User.

To add the photos one at a time to specific records:

  1. In Records - Students or Records - Applicants, search for and select a record.
  2. Select Student, Photo or Applicant, Photo from the menu bar.
  3. Click Change Picture.
  4. Browse to the location of the picture and click Open.
  5. Mark the Size to fit window checkbox.
  6. Click OK.

To globally add student photos, refer to How to import pictures to student records (BB54669)

To view a photo after it has been added to a record, open the student record and click the Photo button on the toolbar or select Student, Photo from the menu bar.