Able to enter grades in Faculty Access for the Web for dropped, withdrawn and transferred students

In Faculty Access for the Web, students still show in the gradebooks of classes that they were dropped, withdrawn and transferred out of. Depending on the marking column/term associations defined for the academic year/session, it is possible for a student to appear in Faculty Access for the Web even if they were dropped/withdrawn/transferred from a class in Scheduling.

If a marking column is associated with multiple terms in Configuration (such as Sem 1 and Sem 2 or Tri 1, Tri 2, and Tri 3), the marking column is activated in Faculty Access for the Web for any student enrolled in a class which meets during any or all of those terms.

If a class lasts for more than one term, even if you drop or withdraw the student from one of the terms, the student remains in the Faculty Access for the Web gradebook for the other terms associated with the marking column.


Note: It is not possible to remove a term association from a marking column if information exists for the marking column, such as grades in the marking column in Grades or information on the Grading tab on Course records in Records. For more information, refer to How to change marking column sets for a school (BB182180)


 Duplicated in version 7.40.158

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